Carn Brea

Miss L Thomas

Class Teacher

Miss C Knight

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Carn Brea


In our class we learn through fun, play-based activities that are planned around our interests. We have lots of opportunities to choose our own activities and this is called, 'child-initiated learning'. We also learn by taking part in 'adult-led activities' with the adults in our class. 


Timetable information:


On Tuesdays, we take part in P.E lessons where we learn to move in different ways, follow instructions and use our own space and equipment safely and effectively.  We are also learning to use our new school library and will bring home a library book on this day. Please remember to send your child's previous library book in so that it can be changed, thank you. 

On Thursdays we take turns to be 'Special Person' of the week where we share treasured items from home with the rest of the class.

Finally, on Fridays, we bring in different fruits and vegetables for us all to taste during 'Fruity Friday'. We also bring in something special from home that we share and talk about during 'Show and Tell'.


Please keep an eye on our class page where we will regularly update photographs and information about what we have been learning in school!

Winter Topic
We are currently learning about 'Winter' in our first topic of the year! We find that we are most excited and motivated to learn when we choose our own learning, so we use a 'Talking Tub' to help us pick our favourite aspects of Winter.
Talking Tub: 
We begin with a mysterious box full of Winter related objects and our teacher writes down what we already know about them, and what we would like to find out! We then draw and write about our favourite objects from the box on a speech bubble. We place our questions or comments, speech bubbles and the objects themselves on a large mat to create a fantastic 3D mind map of our ideas! Our teacher then uses this to plan our future themes, activities and experiences.
Photographs of our completed mind maps and details of our chosen learning will appear on this page soon.