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Mr J Smith

Class Teacher

Miss N Smitheram

Teaching Assistant

Kynance Class


Welcome to Kynance Class - Year 2


Step into Kynance and see our 'family', as we shine bright with admirable relationships, kind gestures, respect and forgiveness. Our 'never give up' attitude to life-long learning ensures the best possible outcomes both in and out of the classroom!


We celebrate our differences and explore how tolerance and acceptance of one another’s opinions and strengths combine to create a powerful environment for collaborative learning. We support and encourage one another, building resilience as learners who relish challenge and look upon mistakes as the “building blocks” of our brains. These everyday challenges could be anything from mastering the art of correct punctuation, effective strategies in mental maths or even working out the best route to tackle our outdoor play equipment!


When you step into Kynance class, you will find a family of happy learners and feel the depth of our love and commitment to each other, our school and our learning.

Please always feel free to speak to Mr Smith or Miss Smitheram if you have any questions or queries.




We have PE on Mondays, where we are doing gymnastics looking at balances as an individual, with partners and travelling with our bodies. We ask for PE kits to be in all week as this can sometimes change.


Our library slot is on a Friday afternoon, where the children will choose a book to read for pleasure and will then have the opportunity to change their book on the following Friday.


Please see the link below to see what we will be covering this half term.

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