We use the excellent Understanding Christianity resource as the basis for our RE teaching about Christianity. It uses scripture as a starting point for discussions about God, the Bible, Jesus and how Christians live. It encourages children to consider life from a Christian point of view, yet also allows for children with other opinions to air their views. It is a creative approach that includes art, music and poetry. We use discussion and debate as a vehicle for critical thinking, and our values are the basis of our learning.  Understanding Christianity covers most of Curriculum Kernewek (2014 Cornwall Agreed Syllabus)- the remaining areas can be seen on our long term plan. 

As a C of E Academy 60% of our curriculum coverage is Christianity, with the remaining 40% spent finding out about other world religions. We aim to enable children to live together well with those of all other religions and cultures. 

We use two strands of assessment for Religious Education at St Uny CE Academy. 
'Learning About Religion'
'Learning From Religion'
The skills progression for R.E. is detailed below.