Reading & Phonics


In order for our children to have successful futures, we recognise that carefully planned provision for skills within Literacy and Numeracy is vital.  In order to support this, we use consistent schemes and approaches.

The Read, Write Inc. Literacy programme is designed to get our younger pupils reading as quickly as possible.  As soon as they are ready to, children experience this synthetic phonics approach to acquiring reading and early writing skills.  This begins in the Early Years phase of school.

The children in KS1 build their reading fluency and comprehension alongside our systematic phonics scheme R.W.I.  We use cracking comprehensions each week for the whole class and the children work together to build and secure the essential skills of predicting, understanding vocabulary, inference and fact retrieval. Additionally, children in Year 2 are given opportunities each day to practice their reading comprehension using a range of non fiction and fiction texts in relation to their current topic. This daily practice embeds those key skills as well as preparing them for the transition into KS2.

The Renaissance Reading programme, known as Accelerated Reader, ensures that once our children start reading with fluency and comprehension they read appropriately challenging texts suited to their stage of learning.  Pupils are motivated to read both at home and in school so that they can successfully complete the on-line quizzes in the programme.  The reading curriculum is further supported by a well-stocked library and reading scheme books from The Oxford Reading Tree.