Art & Design

It is our intention that Art inspires, engages and challenges all pupils; equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent, create, develop and refine their own works of art, craft and design. The curriculum will offer children of all ages and needs the privilege of a broad developmental experience in both two and three dimensional art, together with the opportunities to enjoy, appreciate, discuss and critically respond to a variety of art, craft and design forms. The children will learn the necessary skills and build up an understanding of the way in which materials and media behave, whilst allowing for and developing creativity and individuality. The art curriculum will stimulate and enable all children to develop the confidence to explore and enjoy all of which the visual arts and its unique experiences have to offer, and in doing so, build on and develop skills and creativity which are essential to lifelong learning.

 As a school we value art in supporting children's social, emotional and mental health. There is a weekly art nurture group which children are invited to take part in; here they get the opportunity to take part in mindful drawing  and process art activities . In addition to this, whole school process art activities take place termly e.g. a Christmas doodle art afternoon, collage bunting. It is always interesting to observe children during these times as it enables us to see the children working without inhibitions and expectations, it helps us identify their individual needs so we can support them during other times. 
Pupil Voice
"Art is messy and colourful. We practise drawing, painting and using clay to create art'. 
"I find it really interesting when we learn about different artists in Art lessons, lots of them are from Cornwall!'". 
"I particularly enjoyed learning about perspective lines. This helped me to create more realistic 3D drawings". 
"Art is a time where I can be really creative". 
"Art makes me happy, relaxed, it's fun and you get to learn about artists"
"Our drawing books have helpful things in that we can look back at and use, like a colour wheel. It keeps our work safe and you can look back at your own work"

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