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Class Teacher

Miss Smitheram

Teaching Assistant

Welcome back Poldark! 

Happy Summer Term to all children in Poldark Class. We hope that you have had a wonderful, fun and chocolate filled Easter Holiday!  As we prepare to move into the Summer term, we have planned some excellent and exciting activities based on our new topic - Horrible History.

As part of our History Topic, we will travel back in time to 1666 and revisit and relive the events surrounding the Great Fire of London. The children will explore this infamous period through a range of cross curricular links with DT, Science, Writing, Art and even Cooking. The children will develop an understanding of historical chronology and learn how to add key events onto a timeline. 
In Science, we will be studying Everyday Materials and their Uses. Not only will the children learn about absorbency through a range of experiments, they will also be taught why materials can become flammable- a very important link to Fire Safety. 
As part of our RE provision we will answer the key question: What does it mean to belong to a Faith community? The children will compare a contrast how worshippers feel a sense of belonging within different religious settings.
In PSHE, the children will work on how to 'Be their Best' and begin to understand the different stages of the learning process. We will focus on keeping healthy and discuss what our bodies need to thrive, how to look after our teeth and maintain overall health and fitness. 
In Maths, we aim to introduce two key strands: An introduction to Shape Space and Measure as well as teaching the key skills need for Division. 
During our PE lessons, we will deliver a series of Striking and Fielding sessions which will encourage the children to apply skills such as aiming at a target and hitting a ball through playing outdoor games like rounder and cricket.  
The next exciting Non-fiction text will be based on a information text focusing on the Life of Pirates . The children will learn to write factually using research and information from a variety of sources. 
Please check the website for updates with photographs and information relevant to Poldark Class.
Our hall slot for PE will be on a Monday, however please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school all week as it may be needed for outdoor activities and extra PE lessons.
At St Uny Church of England Academy, we believe homework is anything children do outside of the normal school day that contributes to their learning, in response to guidance from the school. Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents/carers to support the children's learning. Please see the 'Chilli Challenge' homework grid attached to this page. The homework grid has a variety of exciting tasks and activities linked to our topic.
Reading should be enjoyed daily - please ensure that your child reads either independently or with somebody at home and that their reading is recorded in their reading record. The children are thoroughly enjoying working towards their next 'Reading Karate' bands, so please keep up with the fantastic support and excitement!
If you would like more information about why reading at home is so important please follow the link below or read the attached DFE study.
It is essential that by the end of  Year 2 ( KS1) children learn to read and spell the the National Curriculum words for Year 1 and 2. Although we practice and encourage the application of accurate spelling during the school day, it would be greatly appreciated if you could regularly test your child on the words found on the spelling lists attached below. Please ask children to recite words out loud as well as write the spellings out correctly. Thank you to all parents and carers for your ongoing support with spelling! 
Summer 1
Learning Power: Noticing 
School Value- Forgiveness 
British Value: Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Diversity

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