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1:1 SEN TA

Welcome to Morvah! 
Spring topic 
Children in Morvah are in their final year at St Uny Academy. They have already proven themselves to be a great asset to the school, and with the addition of our Head Boy and Head Girl, we have no doubt that they will be superb role models for the rest of our school.
Our spring term topic, Raid, Trade and Invade, focuses on the history of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon invasions of Britain. The children will explore where the Vikings originated from and their position within the timeline of British history. We will also research why the Vikings invaded Britain and the impact that they have had on the way we live in the modern day. 
During the spring term, children will be taking greater ownership over their own writing projects as 'writing apprentices'. They will be selecting the style of writing that they would like to complete as a class and will also have the opportunity to write some non-fiction pieces related to their science topic - Living Things and their Habitats.
Our RE topic will require children to consider the big question - 'Why is Cornwall such a spiritual place?' and will require us to look at Cornwall as a place of Christianity and spiritual enquiry. We will be exploring how the people of Cornwall learn about Christianity; why people feel attracted to Cornwall as a centre of spirituality and spiritual experience; and the development of local celebrations which look beyond the origins of Christianity in Cornwall. 
Please view our 'Raid, Trade and Invade - MTP' to see the range of other activities will be completing across the spring term.
 PE -
This half term, we will be completing a block of orienteering and adventurous activities. The majority of these sessions will take place outside so children need to be sent in with the appropriate PE kit. 

PE sessions are subject to change - we would therefore appreciate it if your child's full PE kit (white t-shirt, navy shorts, trainers/plimsolls) is in all week. 

Homework - 
 At St Uny Church of England Academy, we believe homework is anything children do outside of the normal school day that contributes to their learning, in response to guidance from the school. Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents/carers to support the children's learning.
Y6 have CGP study books that need to be completed weekly. These will help them to review key skills ready for their SATs in May and will help us to identify any areas that they need extra support with.
Reading: Reading is a lifelong skill that we try to develop as your child continues their journey through our school. We are keen to develop a love of books and escapism as early as possible, which is why we are introducing ‘Reading Karate’ this year. This is a reward based system for reading at home, which results in the children moving up through coloured ‘belts’ (wristbands) depending on how many ‘reads’ they have completed. We would greatly appreciate your support with this new initiative, not only by listening to your child read but by perhaps sharing some of your favourite books from your childhood with them too. 
Maths: St Uny Church of England Academy has invested in ‘Timestables Rockstars’, an online resource for learners to practise their multiplication skills. This will enable children to become more fluent in their multiplication tables. Upper KS2 children should be completing 2 x 20min sessions per week.
Topic: The topic overview will be sent home at the start of each half term - this will include challenges from across the curriculum. Y6 are still welcome to complete these 'chilli challenge' activities alongside their CGP study books.
Spellings:  Each week, children will be sent home with the spelling lists that need to be practised for their spelling test on the following Friday. Please support your children in identifying the spelling rules and use the Spelling Shed to support their learning. The spelling lists for the year can be found below.

Building Learning Power

Our new learning power for this half term is 'Questioning' and will be a key skill for Y6 in the run up to their end of KS2 SATs assessments.

'Questioning' is an important skill that should be commonplace for a Y6 child. They have entered the stage of education where they should be asking questions to develop their own understanding and should be able to formulate their own big questions related to a range of topic areas.