Miss L Quirk

Class Teacher

Welcome to Mousehole!
We are excited to be starting the final half-term of the year and have some exciting experiences and learning planned. 
Our topic this half-term is World War 2. We will be learning about evacuees and writing letters from a child's perspective, learning about war-time recipes and writing instruction texts and finding out about persuasive writing through propaganda. We will learn about how the war affected people in all aspects of their lives and about the lasting influence of the World Wars on British history.
In science, we will be learning about forces and magnets. This is a great topic that gives us the opportunity to do lots of investigating and thinking scientifically. 
We will be striving to do as much PE as possible, this half-term! Please ensure your child always has their PE kit in school, so that we can take advantage of the good weather.
For more information about our learning this half-term, our World War 2 medium term plan can be viewed below.
As always, if you have any questions, do catch Miss Quirk at the end of the day or arrange an appointment via your child's home-school communication book or the office.

Mrs L Cook

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Mackellar

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Van Kleef

Teaching Assistant

Homework - 
At St Uny Church of England Academy, we believe homework is anything children do outside of the normal school day that contributes to their learning, in response to guidance from the school. Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents/carers to support the children's learning.
Reading: It is fundamental that children read at home to an adult every evening. Reading develops language skills, exercises the brain, enhances concentration, inspires imagination and encourages a thirst for knowledge.
Maths: St Uny Church of England Academy has invested in ‘Timestables Rockstars’, an online resource for learners to practise their multiplication skills. This will enable children to become more fluent in their multiplication tables. KS2 children should be completing 2 x 20min sessions per week.
In June, Y4 children will be taking their online times table check. Please make times tables a priority at home this term. Y4 pupils should know their tables up to 12x12.
Topic: The topic overview will be sent home at the start of each half term. This will include challenges from across the curriculum.

Building Learning Power

Our new learning power for this half term is 'Imagination' and we will be looking to inspire all of our children to be as creative and imaginative as possible. This skill will be seen within the different activities that we have planned for the upcoming School Houses Day on June 4th.

Imagination is a skill that can easily be used in subjects such as English, but it is also important to build children's imagination for mathematics problems too - this can allow them to think outside the box and approach problems in a variety of ways. Nrich is a fantastic website to support this - please find the link below.