Physical Education

Our Intent

It is our intent that PE inspires, engages and challenges all pupils at St Uny Church of England Academy, and that our PE curriculum is accessible to all, including those with SEND. We strive for all young people, from EYFS to year 6, to have the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports and physical activities that will equip them with a range of opportunities to get active, enjoy sport, discover new and exciting talents and to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim for all children to develop skills in both play and different sports so that every child has their chance to shine. We want all pupils to understand the importance of physical education and keeping healthy whilst developing lifelong learning skills such as teamwork and perseverance.

Our Aim
At St Uny C E Academy it is our aim to ensure that every child accesses a wide range of physical opportunities. A broad physical education curriculum has been created to ensure that every child will gain access to every objective set out in the National Curriculum, and more. Every child in KS2 will have a half-termly swimming slot and this will continue until they leave for secondary school.
Physical Education lessons have been carefully planned to ensure there is a clear skills progression in each sport and activity for every child as they progress through the school. Each individual lesson has a clear objective that the children are made aware of and they also know how to challenge themselves with more complex skills-based objectives.
Arena Planning
Please see the long-term Physical Education plan below, that shows the topics that will be taught to each year group throughout the different terms in the academic year. As a school we follow the Arena scheme of work that follows a clear skills progression focused approach to teaching physical education across each year group, building upon prior knowledge and skills and making links where possible. This can be found at https://www.arena-schools.co.uk/ .
To ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum, each physical education lesson is planned and differentiated with considerations and alternative ideas for children with SEND. Lessons are built upon previous strengths and weaknesses and misconceptions are addressed during the lesson where possible. We also participate in SEND focused sports events such as the Panathlon, where we achieved an amazing first place in 2020 and brought home the trophy for the event.
The National Curriculum for Physical Education in KS1 and KS2
Please view the national curriculum for physical education in key stage one and key stage two by viewing the pdf file at towards the bottom of this page. Here you will be able to see the purpose, aims, attainment targets and subject content for key stage one and key stage two in physical education.
Pupil Voice
"I have developed my resilience when playing cricket because I used to get really frustrated when trying to keep my arm straight when bowling."
"I love PE. It makes me feel positive and happy and I love having fun with my friends!"
"I love trying out new sports. Archery is amazing. I have to listen carefully to instructions, as it can be dangerous."
"My favourite thing about school is competition. Sports day is so good and I love competing against other schools!"

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