Reading Statement of Intent:

It is our intent that reading inspires, engages and challenges pupils and we aim to develop key skills to enable all children to become fluent and confident readers. We will support and encourage all children to decode, comprehend and enjoy reading regardless of starting points and strive to enable good progress through high quality teaching and learning. Reading is a skill essential for life and at St Uny CE Academy we want our children to leave school with a passion for reading. We aim to promote a love of reading across all ages so that children access high quality texts across the curriculum, encounter rich & varied vocabulary and develop their comprehension skills. We want reading to develop as a transferrable skill which will enable pupils to become inquisitive, improve their spoken and written literacy skills and become lifelong learners.

Pupil Voice
"I love reading descriptive poetry and adventure stories". 
 "I have finished Reading Karate, it helped me to read every day at home". 
"Learning about reading skills will help me when I go to secondary school". 
"I love reading lots of different types of text". 


As you know, reading is a lifelong skill which we strive to develop as your child continues their journey through school. Children need to develop a love of books. This is an important part of the school curriculum, but it is also a philosophy that we wish to embed. To further develop the love of reading we are introducing ‘READING KARATE’. This is a reward-based system for reading at home which results in the children moving up through coloured ‘bands’ depending on how much they are reading for pleasure. We would greatly appreciate your support with this new initiative, not only by listening to your child read but by perhaps sharing some of your favourite books from childhood with them too. By developing a shared interest between teachers, parents and children we are hoping to create a passion for reading in our children, whether it is through comics, Kindles, books, or even newspapers and we can achieve this by working together.

How ‘Reading Karate’ works:

  • Children read with an adult at home – reading records must be signed with a comment by an adult to show when the reading has taken place.
  • One read is at least 4 pages of a book and you can only get one read a day signed off. This needs to be at the level your child is reading (for example, EYFS parents might be using picture books)
  • Reading records will be checked by an adult in school every week and the number of reads will be added to your child’s total.
  • Reading which takes part in school will not be counted towards reading bands – only reading at home counts!
  • Reading karate wrist bands & certificates will be presented once the required number of reads has been achieved.
Supporting pupils with  SEND in Reading 
At St Uny CE Academy we are fully committed to support all children to make progress and achieve in reading as we believe that reading is an essential skill for lifelong learning.  From EYFS and throughout both Key Stages we provide individualised and group interventions for children who require further support with phonics, reading fluency and comprehension. We are aware that some children may need additional reading time with an adult and we believe that this is the best way to promote confidence in reading.  In the classroom, teaching staff support children with SEND in a number of ways. For example, encourage individuals to take part in paired reading, provide key technical vocabulary prior to lessons and topics, revise high frequency words through precision teaching and match texts through differentiation to promote readability.
All staff have been provided with Dyslexia training and use appropriate strategies in the classroom to support children at risk of Dyslexia. This enables all children have the opportunity to benefit from an inclusive education in line with the SEN Code of Practice. At St Uny, we are working towards becoming a Dyslexia Friendly School and are looking forward to appointing a Dyslexia Champion in this area. 

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