Mrs Taddeo

Class Teacher

Miss Knight

Teaching Assistant

EYFS (Tehidy)


 A very warm welcome to Tehidy Class from Mrs. Taddeo, Miss Knight and Tehidy Class of 2020!  We want all children to feel happy, safe and confident in school.


In the EYFS children learn through a play-based curriculum and receive a good mixture of adult led and child-initiated activities daily. Child-initiated play supports children in having ideas and being in control of their learning. It enables them to learn through first-hand experiences, allowing them to choose how to use the resources to do so. Adults play an important role in child initiated play. They provide a safe environment for the child to explore and test out their ideas. Adults may use the child’s interests or next steps to develop play through offering a breadth of opportunities or resources for the child to use in a variety of ways. Child-led activities may start out as an adult initiated activity, however, by allowing the child space and time; the child may extend the resources and ideas given to create their own experience. Adult led activities build on child-initiated activities, to extend further learning opportunities, enable sustained shared thinking to take place.


EYFS children also participate in short, focused teaching and learning within small groups.  These include Read, Write, Inc. (daily phonic-based reading) and hands on practical math sessions.   Children take home reading books and library books to share with their families.  They also enjoy using our wider school grounds during weekly Nature Explorer sessions, which enable them to become confident explorers of the wild outdoors!


This year EYFS children said…….

 “ I wish we could come to school on Saturdays and Sundays!”

“ You get to do lots of fun things in Year R”

“ I like writing and I’m good at it!”

“I love explorers’ club”

Please refer to the resources below to view our Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview and to find out more about the EYFS.




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