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Keeping in Touch during Lock Down
Well, it's been a while since we were all together and, like me, you are probably missing your friends at St. Uny Academy, especially those in Tehidy Class.
Maybe, you have been keeping up some of the Tehidy Class routines and rituals, such as Fruity Friday, daily reading and Stevie Wonder Time birthday celebrations.
I have been continuing my school work, reading, gardening and walking near to my village.  I have also been looking after children whose parents have to go to work at Connor Downs School.
You might like to record some of the things you have been doing during lock down so that you can share it with the class when we are all together again.  I am looking forward to hearing all your news.
See you soon, Love Mrs. Taddeo

Mrs M Taddeo

Class Teacher

Miss C Knight

Teaching Assistant

Happy New Year!
From everyone in Tehidy Class
January, 2020
Oh how we enjoyed seeing the children bouncing back into school on the first school day of 2020!  Everyone had grown, some were now 5 and everyone had some exciting news to share!
Reflecting back to last term (the children's first in St Uny School), we are delighted and astounded at the skills they have mastered, the friendships they have made and how well they have settled into school life.  Glowing with pride, we have lost count of how many times Tehidy Class have been congratulated on their behaviour around school. 
Our days are filled with memorable moments of awe and wonder, like the time when Robyn found she could read, Frank conquered his fear of Venus Fly Traps, Lorenzo astounded us with his knowledge of the Alba wreckage and the whole class starred in the Key Stage One/Early Years nativity (twice in one day!).
During the Spring term, we will be getting out and about around Carbis Bay and St. Ives, finding out about our local area for ourselves and others* and learning lots of new skills.  (*see Spring Learning Overview in the Resources Section of our class page for more information or ask a Tehidy class member - young or old - to explain).  We will keep you posted on what we find out.
Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support (especially with the children's home reading).  Your help is invaluable to us and the children and very much appreciated!
Best Wishes,  Mrs. Taddeo and Miss Knight 

EYFS (Tehidy)


 A very warm welcome to Tehidy Class from Mrs. Taddeo, Miss Knight and Tehidy Class of 2019!  We want all children to feel happy, safe and confident in school.


In the EYFS children learn through a play-based curriculum and receive a good mixture of adult led and child-initiated activities daily. Child-initiated play supports children in having ideas and being in control of their learning. It enables them to learn through first-hand experiences, allowing them to choose how to use the resources to do so. Adults play an important role in child initiated play. They provide a safe environment for the child to explore and test out their ideas. Adults may use the child’s interests or next steps to develop play through offering a breadth of opportunities or resources for the child to use in a variety of ways. Child-led activities may start out as an adult initiated activity, however, by allowing the child space and time; the child may extend the resources and ideas given to create their own experience. Adult led activities build on child-initiated activities, to extend further learning opportunities, enable sustained shared thinking to take place.


EYFS children also participate in short, focused teaching and learning within small groups.  These include Read, Write, Inc. (daily phonic-based reading) and hands on practical math sessions.   Children take home reading books and library books to share with their families.  They also enjoy using our wider school grounds during weekly Nature Explorer sessions, which enable them to become confident explorers of the wild outdoors!


This year EYFS children said…….

 “ I wish we could come to school on Saturdays and Sundays!”

“ You get to do lots of fun things in Year R”

“ I like writing and I’m good at it!”

“I love explorers’ club”

Please refer to the resources below to view our Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview and to find out more about the EYFS.




Where We Live
Inspired by Fran’s video call from Australia, Tehidy Class have been finding out about St. Ives & Carbis Bay.  We began by sharing what we already know.  I turned out that we knew quite a lot already!
One thing we didn't know was where in the world St.Ives, Carbis Bay and Cornwall were.  We searched on a world map for Great Britain.  We also looked for places that we had a connection with:  Fran lives in Australia, Mrs. Taddeo's other daughter lives in San Francisco, Seb's cousins live in Romania, JJ's grandparents live in Poland and next week Lorenzo will be off to Brazil to visit his grandparents.
Week Beginning 20 January, 2020. 
This week has been full of excitement........ 
We walked to our local shop (Costcutter), armed with Fran's shopping list, to find out if all her favourites where available right here in Carbis Bay.  On the way, we made observations about our local area, practiced keeping safe outdoors and chatted about what we might spend our pocket money on when we got there.  Along the way we passed some of our homes and met some familiar faces (including, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Brand).  We found out that Costcutter sold all of Fran's favourites (and some of our's too).  The friendly shop assistants complimented us on our exemplary behaviour and politeness!  At the end of our visit we got to choose a small item to buy.  Some of us got change.  Are walk back was full of cheerful chatter and the crinkle of sweet packets.
We also got to sample Cornish pasties from JJ's Mummy and Daddy's Pasty Shop, so that we could tell Fran exactly what she was missing.  We tried traditional Cornish pasties and Vegetarian pasties and voted for our favourite.  They were yummy!  Miss Knight told us all about the history of Cornish pasties and we imagined what it would be like to eat our ready made lunch at the bottom of a mine!
We now have lots of information to feed back to Fran.