Mrs Taddeo

Class Teacher

Miss Knight

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage.  The children and adults of Tehidy Class would like to wish you a very happy and healthy 2022! 


It is hard to believe that the youngest children at St Uny Academy have already completed one third of their first year at primary school.  Most of the children transited to St. Uny from one of several local nurseries or pre-schools.  Over the past year the corona virus pandemic has significantly impacted on childrens' attendance at nursery or pre-school. Some of them arrived with siblings or friends they knew from other settings.  Others began school without the support of familiar peers.  All the children had to negotiate unfamiliar environments and routines.  They also had to establish relationships with adults and children they had not met before.


Over the course of the Autumn term, Tehidy class children have become increasingly more confident and independent.  They have forged new friendships, tried new activities and participated enthusiastically in wider school events, such as collective worship.  Much to the kitchen staffs’ delight, many adventurous young members of Tehidy class have also tried new foods from the tuck trolley and lunch hall.


During daily Read, Write, Inc.  sessions the children have been learning to confidently recognise Set 1 phonic sounds.  They have been blending sounds together to read words.  They have also begun to develop a vocabulary of common exception words.  In writing they have been using their phonic knowledge and growing knowledge of common exception words to write labels, captions and cards.  They have also been learning to form letters correctly, starting and finishing in the correct place.


Working practically with concrete resources, the children have been developing their knowledge and understanding of number within the context of continuous provision, enhanced provision and adult-led group work.


We are looking forward to building on these core skills in the following weeks as well as many exciting activities and experiences to support children's holistic development and wider curriculum.  Please click on the links below to see an overview of our medium term plan for Spring 1 and details of how you can support your child's learning at home.


Best Wishes and a Happy New Year,


From Mrs. Taddeo, Miss Knight and Opie (the cockapoo)

This is Opie, the cockapoo.  He was born on 6 May, 2020.  Opie loves to run on the beach.  On Fridays he comes to school to spend the day with the Tehidy class children.  He is friends with everyone and  a big part of the children's learning.  Some of the photos below exemplify how Opie gets involved with Tehidy the EYFS curriculum. 
During guided reading sessions, Tehidy Class children  read  Opie stories, putting into practice  the phonic knowledge they have gained in their daily Read, Write Inc. lessons.  
Please click on the links below to access the Opie Stories.  Have fund reading!

About the Early Years Foundation Stage at St. Uny Academy


At St Uny Academy, the implementation of our EYFS curriculum ensures that our children can develop as independent, confident and successful learners.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework that sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to 5.


Community is at the heart of our classroom practice; our children have high aspirations and understand the value of making positive contributions to the world around them. Our goal is to ensure that all of our children are happy and engaged.


Through our child-led curriculum, we provide an environment that allows each child to display high levels of concentration, creativity, energy and persistence. The rationale behind this is that high levels of well-being and involvement foster positive development for children and facilitate deeper learning. 


We believe that children should be able to lead their learning by initiating activities that are significant to them, derived from their own interests and ideas. Our curriculum is centred around our children; our EYFS team plan and enhance our classroom provision based on their knowledge of the children. In addition to this, and in order to broaden the experiences afforded to our children, our EYFS curriculum is enhanced each half term with a thematic focus. These themed activities are integrated into our daily classroom practice, with the aim of inspiring our children and enriching their daily learning.


Our EYFS curriculum enables our children to continually demonstrate their ability to:

  •      Play and explore
  •      Learn actively 
  •      Create and think critically
It is our hope that each of our children will be inspired and motivated to actively engage with our EYFS curriculum during their time at St Uny Academy; experiencing enjoyment and transitioning into Key Stage One with the confidence and skills to flourish as independent and resilient learners.
Below you will find our Curriculum Plan, which we follow through the year, alongside the children's own interests. 


This is Crumpet.  He is our class bear.  Crumpet goes home with different children each weekend.  Crumpet travels with The Everywhere Bear story book and his own diary, in which his host family can record his adventures.
Crumpet is a unique and special bear.  He is unlike any bear the children have at home because he is a shared bear.  Crumpet’s job in Tehidy class is multi-faceted.  He teaches children to take turns, share, anticipate and be patient.  Recognising that their turn will come, children learn to be happy for a class mate who gets to take Crumpet home each weekend.  We are very grateful to parents and carers for supporting this PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL learning initiative.

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